Born a healer, Robert has always been aware of the healing energy that surrounds him, starting at the age of 6, when he discovered that he could heal small headaches with just the touch of his hand. It was only when he reached the age of 18 that he began to have access to information, and that is when his spiritual journey has started.

Since childhood, I have been aware of my healing energy and capabilities and I was drawn to the spiritual path, but at that time I haven’t had access to information. After finishing the National College of Arts high-school with a Bachelor’s Degree (BA in Music), I began to search for ways of personal development and spiritual growth.

Searching for guidance, he encountered a wizard, who began to share information with him, and taught him how to meditate. Through meditation, Robert has gained insight about the ancient knowledge and healing power that he possesses.

I have began my spiritual journey by going within, through meditation. I have gained insight about who I am, the healing power that lies deep within my self, and even some information about my past lives. I have even experienced m first Astral Travel, which was short, but intense.

He has been introduced to the art of using Crystals for Healing (2008). Later on, he has been initiated Shamanism, participating in a Munay Ki class, where he received the Rites to become a Shaman Master (2010). Shortly after, he has been introduced to Reiki and followed the Level 1 & 2 Practitioner courses (2011). He is practicing Reiki ever since, and received the Traditional, Usui Shiki Ryoho, Reiki Master/Teacher Attunements (2017). Recently he received the Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Attunements.

H has a passion in teaching others ways of healing and improving their lives.

He is always searching for ways to improve his life and the lives of others, by continuously developing his physical skills, mental abilities and spiritual evolution.

I am on a continuous journey to discover and learn more about the secrets of Life and mysteries of the Universe, and ever-evolving and growing on my spiritual path, so that I can improve the quality of the services that I offer to the world.

Quartz Crystal therapist and usage guide (since 2008), Shaman Master (since 2010), Reiki Master/Teacher (since 2017, practitioner since 2011), Healing with the Angels (since 2011), Spiritual guide (since 2015), Transformational Coach (since 2017), and more to come.