For life to be aligned, one needs to have Values. Values can help one to organize life!


Our Values:

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Devotion
  • Beauty


Values that we stand for


Truth – Here at TheHealerEU, we only speak, hear, and see the truth, even though sometimes hearing the truth may hurt.


Integrity – One cannot live without integrity, at least that is an ideal that we stand for. We take responsability for the actions we take and words that we speak.


Honesty is one of the main values here. We practice “all masks off”, and in all we speak and do we apply honesty.


Love – The purest feeling/emotion! We act with love in our hearts, as love has the power to move mountains.


Faith is one thing that every individual should have, and it is not related to religion. We have faith that we can heal the world.


Devotion – Here at TheHealerEU, we are devoted to our cause, and we do not hold back to stand up for our cause.


Beauty is everywhere we look if we have eyes to see. We strive to see the beauty in all there is.